Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After

Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After

Here at Manchester Tattoo Laser Removal we know change is inevitable, thats why we are here to help modify or remove a tattoo; giving people an option if they are not willing to live with it anymore.  Here at Manchester Tattoo Laser Removal, we offer a free consultion and skin tests before any treatment is started to advise you how best to remove your tattoo and provide you with your own personal treatment plan.

We are proud to use the innovate Double Rod Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser to remove tattoos.  This particular laser is widely is acknowledged by dermatologists as one of the ‘gold standard’ of tattoo removal treatment. Its efficiency and safety have been tried and tested through many thorough clinical trials; where outcomes have been proved to be safe and reliable with little or no evidence that the tattoo ever existed.

Manchester Tattoo Laser Removal have several packages available to cater for tattoo’s of all shapes and sizes, giving you not just a personalised treatment, but a personalised price too.

Sounding good?  We have an incredible portfolio to showcase of work that we’ve produced and know that you’ll just love to see it!  To get that complete sense of comfort and trust, please, view our gallery today!

What We Do

For You & Your Tattoo

Assessing You

Your safety is of paramount importance to us.  Here at Manchester Tattoo Laser Removal, we work with you to study your medial past to ensure you’re best suited for a laser removal treatment – as uncommon though they are, some medical conditions can give unwanted side effects or complications!

We want to make sure you’re as informed, prepared and ready to make the all important steps to removing your tattoo – so it’s important we find the right, and most suitable, treatment for you!

Assessing Your Tattoo

There are many factors that impact on the tattoo removal process.  Tattoo removal can be affected by the age of a tattoo, the types of ink that the tattooist used, the skill set of the tattoo artist – and even where you got it done!  We strive to give you the exact result you’re hoping for; we will work with you to assess whether we’re preparing for a cover-up or going for a full removal of your tattoo.  It’s also very important we talk about the important rules and procedures you need to stick to, and follow, for both pre-treatment and post-treatment – such as sun exposure – to ensure the best possible results.