About Treatments

Manchester Tattoo Laser Removal gives your first love a second change.  We make an ink-rethink, reality.  We can do what was once considered an impossibility.  In years gone by we’ve all made mistakes and have done things we’d rather forget – unfortunately – some of these regrets are more permanent than others!

Manchester Tattoo Laser Removal provides a bespoke timed and priced service that is built around you, carried out with you, to give the end result you want!

We are proud to offer a celebrated, trusted and discretionary tattoo removal service that has been built on a combination of years worth of experience and modern day technological advances.  Our services are tailored to your every need on your journey with us from start to finish.  Feel free to read more about our tattoo laser removal treatment below.

Medical History

Research Info

Manchester Tattoo Laser Removal have spent years combining a love of body art with the need, in some cases, to remove it.  We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and welcome the opportunity to help.  Over the years we’ve seen literally dozens of new technologies pass through our doors as we strive ever closer to a solution that is quick, simple and efficient for all.

Latest Technology

Our Technology

Our research has led to the investment of a Double Rod Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser removal tool.  The laser fires small bursts of high energy laser beam at your unwanted tattoo to remove it by breaking apart the colour particles.  Our technology breaks the tattoo ink apart in such a way that, after a short time, your own body’s immune system kicks in and help the removal process too!

On Your Time

Timed With You

All our sessions are for you, built around you and carried out with you as our focus.  We offer early bird appointments, late night sessions and are flexible with all our appointment times.  We know that life can be hassle, so we try to take every ounce of bother out of this process for you.  We work with you to devise a strategy that works for you and fits best with your schedule.